100 days of Woody

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A couple weeks before the election I bought a Woody Guthrie songbook – 100 Years, 100 Songs. I half jokingly told my wife that if Trump won the election I was going to learn, perform and record each and every one of those songs and release one a day on You Tube, and here on my site, for each of the first 100 days of Trumps presidency.

Well…it happened, and I’m doing it. Rather than sitting in my studio by myself and recording these every day I have invited a couple dozen of my friends to join me over the course of that 100 days. We will perform and record 3 -4 with each little group, be it a duo, trio, etc…hopefully live at open mics or elsewhere. ┬áThen I’ll send those out to the world as part of my daily protest.

On day 100 I plan on holding a concert where we will play a couple sets of tunes from this project and send the proceeds to the ACLU….

Stay Tuned!!

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